February 24, 2013

California Sunshine

The 2013 Optum p/b KBS team camp just wrapped up last week in Oxnard, California. Training camp is a fun time a year to reconnect with teammates, and make new friends! All of the Canadians and cold weather riders especially appreciate training camp because it means warm outdoor riding for a change. I don’t mind the trainer for intervals, but sometimes it helps to ride outside with other people to maintain some mental sanity. 

There was not a lot of down time during training camp. Days were full of riding (obviously), yoga on the beach, coffee drinking, time trial fitting and racing, delicious team dinners (we are competitive at everything, including cooking) and planning for the coming race season. 

New teammates Brie and Amber (from left), Courtney and I taking a coffee break

We also got to meet sponsors and learn about new products for this year. The team would not exist without sponsors, and we fully appreciate their support! 

Dino from HED dialing in my tt fit

The team launch was held at the Honda museum, which made for a cool venue. Lots of fast cars in there!

Before camp, I finished up a challenging but awesome course in public health policy. I’ll be in Cali for a few weeks now training, the advantage of attending university on the block program. Just one thesis and one final course to go until graduation! 

Check out this interview I did for Cyclingnews if you're interested: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/kirchmann-thinking-big-in-third-season-with-optum

First race of the season is coming up fast, can't wait! The team will head to Norcal soon for the Merco cycling classic: http://www.topsportcycling.com/events/merco-cycling-classic/