July 28, 2009

The start of my blogging adventure

Hello everyone! So I've come to the decision to finally start a blog, I know my family would really like to know where I am and what I'm doing half the time so maybe this will help! 

So I just returned home from racing eight crit races at American Superweek down in Milwaukee and Chicago. I've been wanting to race this series for a long time and finally there were no conflicting races this year. Overall it was a fantastic experience getting to race with a big pack of women. I actually managed to win my first pro race ever at the Ray Basso Bensenville Criterium!  My team-mate Karlee also put in a good show coming in third in another race. 

The team arrived back late the other night from Superweek then woke up early the next morning to go race provincials in Holland, Manitoba. I never knew Manitoba could be so hilly! Seriously if you want to ride hills go check it out. I think everyone was pretty exhausted and had tired legs from the long days of racing at Superweek. Despite that I managed to stick with the front 50+ men who we raced with and won u23 provincials (yes this is manitoba, there aren't enough people to separate all the categories). 

That's all the exciting news for now, I'll attempt to keep this somewhat updated! 


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