November 21, 2009


Today was the first ski of season for me and it was so much fun! There is an incredible amount of snow at Callaghan valley at the moment. On their website it says there's 60 cm packed base and 125 cm unpacked.  I still find it strange that you can go mountain biking in Squamish where there's no snow and then drive 45 minutes to where it's full blown winter. I did get out for a mountain bike ride yesterday, the trails are still really ridable, although some of the lower points are getting a little flooded. Somehow I managed to only fall over right in the middle of the biggest streams/puddles haha.. it left me with some soaking legs and feet. I'm finished my bio class now so I've had a few days off which has been really nice. Here are some photos...

Bridge on one of the mountain bike trails, the river is really high right now

A waterfall at Callaghan that I somehow have never seen before

Really pretty river
Kellina (my room-mate) and John (Whose ski binding unfortunately broke
halfway through the day!)
Stream crossing the ski trail
Kellina and I


  1. No snow here in Winnipeg yet. Glad to hear you're enjoying it out your way!

  2. Wow Leah, you should take up nature photography, what a beautiful job you're doing. Sure looks like you and your friends had a good time, other then getting wet feet in the creek. Opa