May 6, 2011

Colombia- Pan Am Champs

I finally made my way to Medellin, Colombia after three very long days of travel. Brussels – Chicago, overnight, Chicago-Miami- missed connection= overnight- Miami- Medellin- Arrival! I was shocked and impressed that my luggage actually arrived as well.

I had a very funny experience leaving the airport. There was not enough room in the car for my bike in the CCA car, so we had to get a taxi. Up rolls the smallest taxi I’ve ever seen. I thought there was no way my bike would possibly fit, but the driver and a few airport staff were determined to make it work. In goes my bike sideways, no the doors won’t close. Maybe horizontally with the front seat down? Um where will I sit? Finally we get it in the trunk, but it won’t close. That’s no problem for this driver though.. next thing I know he is unlacing his shoes and using the laces to tie it down! Haha only in Colombia!

From the airport it wasn’t too far of a drive to where we were staying. Apparently the whole team had just moved from the official race hotel to one that was a lot quieter and way closer to the course. I was warned early on of the evil aggressive duck that attacks innocent guests. I named him Harold.
I soon discovered that the other ducks are just as crazy and do not hesitate to chase you and to nip at your heels. They mysteriously seemed to leave the owners alone, hmm.. 

It was nice to get to ride my bike outside again after all of the travel. I rode with Karol-Ann up the road right outside our accommodations. There were very beautiful views of the city and Andes. I did notice the altitude while riding. We are actually quite high up, Medellin is around 4900 feet.

The men’s and women’s time trial was today. Clara won the women's tt which is so awesome! The other riders had great results as well with both Denise and Rob finishing 5th!
Here are the full results:

I'm really excited to race the road race on Sunday. Hopefully we will get a chance to check out the course tomorrow. 


  1. Good to hear you made safe and sound and in time to Medellin, bike and all. Hope you can acclimatize and get enough rest for your race on Sunday. We'll watch out for the results with great anticipation, good luck and stay safe as always, Oma & Opa

  2. Best of luck to you and the rest of Team Canada! D