April 13, 2012

Waffles in Leuven

I've been staying at the Canadian national team house in Belgium between races here in Europe. By this Friday after the Energiewacht we were all feeling much more lively and recovered from the racing, and were ready for a bit of an adventure. We decided a trip to nearby Leuven would be a perfect destination. It is a very lively city, hosting a large university population. This is also where they brew Stella Artois beer.
There are people walking and biking in every direction along the narrow cobbled lanes. There is really something to for everyone to do it Leuven. Lots of good shopping and fun restaurants to try. A regular destination for North American cyclists is the health food store that is good for getting fancier grocery store items that you won't find at the Spar. Some examples are whole oats, almond butter, and probiotics. Leuven also a great place to just sit out on a terrace to enjoy a cold Stella or coffee while watching people whiz by. I highly recommend substituting or accompanying that coffee with a waffle, it is Belgium after all!

Here are a few photos from the day:

The BEST waffles in Belgium

Our mechanic Sean describing how ginormous his speculoos waffle is going to be

My favourite colourful street

Leuven has some amazing architecture
Better watch out for Team Canada

Of course there would be a giant bug on a skewer

A common sight in Belgium

Some bicycles are sadly forgotten

Next race is Halle- Buizingen UCI 1.2 this Sunday. I'm recovered and ready to go!


  1. Leuven: student city, in the months July, August and September it's almost a forgotten city...

  2. ah yes, the problem with every university city