September 13, 2013

2013 Cycling World Championships

I'm excited to announce that I've been selected to represent Canada at the World Championships road race held September 28th in Florence, Italy! I will also race the World championship team time trial with Optum on September 22nd.

My teammates for Worlds road race include:
Lex Albrecht
Karol Ann Canuel
Joelle Numainville
Denise Ramsden
Veronique Fortin 

Team time trial roster:
Janel Holcomb
Jade Wilcoxson
Denise Ramsden
Joelle Numainville
Lauren Hall

Hopefully they will televise some of the racing back home!



  1. So excited to watch you race. Live. At the World Championships. In Italy!
    I have no words.

  2. Go Leah go, can you hear the bells and train whistle? We're with you in our thoughts and wish you well. Checking TV schedule daily to make sure to record the race plus watch you Live. Oma & Opa