November 22, 2010

November Already?

Ughh I just wrote the best blogpost but then my computer decided to eat it. It's quite unfortunate, but here is another one!

A lot has happened in the past three months that I have completely neglected to post any sort of update about. To write a post about it all would end up being a novel so here are some key words to describe the past few months: school, India, racing, snow, chemistry, nutrition, crashing, skiing, pumpkins, crayons, stress, rain, chemicals, computer, biking, planes, mud, sleep, bike shop, sun, Squamish, climbing. I won't explain all these words but you use your imagination or ask me!

A highlight was travelling to India for the Commonwealth games in October. My favourite thing was seeing people riding two elephants down a highway in the middle of the night, so cool and random! The race itself was pretty fun. The course was right in the heart of New Delhi around the India gate monument. I was completely flat with tons of corners, sort of like a really long crit course, my favourite! The women's race was aggressive, but still came down to a bunch sprint in the end. We were hoping for a medal with Canada's best sprinters on the team, but the sprint unfortunately did not turn out in our favour. It was still a great learning experience and has helped prepare me for future high profile events. I was really impressed by the organizers who pulled together a fantastic event despite all of the controversy leading up to the games.

I'm back in Squamish now where the weather has been unusually cold and windy for this part of Canada. I've been spending lots of time experimenting with new recipes whenever I'm not studying or training. I have had a recent obsession with pumpkin themed recipes with it being fall and thanksgiving season. One of my favourites has been Pumpkin and Kale pasta, it is really fast and easy to make, try it!


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