December 1, 2010

Winter is here!

Exciting news! I have officially joined the 21st century and finally watched the first Star Wars movie. Now you people can stop making fun of me.

Lots has changed in the last few weeks. Winter has officially arrived in Squamish with a huge snowfall. There were some amazing snowflakes this past weekend that were almost an inch wide! The snow kind of forced me to learn how to change my car tires to snow tires, definitely a necessity for driving in the mountains in BC. A couple of my friends were kind enough to teach me how.

Since its Squamish the snow came with some rain, making everything extremely icy. I've had to resort to wearing my polka dot rain boots just to make it up the hill to class in the morning, they are the only footwear with any sort of grip.

Other exciting news, I now have a fork that works for my mountain bike! My fork had seen better days and sort of stopped working this fall, making for some very bumpy training rides. But I now have an amazing new fork that moves thanks to a very kind Squamish local! Thank you! I'm really tempted to go out snow riding soon to test it out.

I've moved onto Organic Chemistry for my December class. It's a pretty tough, but my class has a really helpful professor. This is his 47th time teaching org chem and he has an impressive number of chemistry shirts along with two chiral ties. I'm ready for break soon, just a few weeks until Christmas!


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  1. Nice to hear, and thanks for the update! Merry Christmas Leah!