January 6, 2011


Happy New Year everyone, 2010 was a fantastic year full of excitement and hopefully 2011 will be even better! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, I can't believe how fast time can go by. It was nice to have a break from school and have a bit of time to fit in some extra training.

I was able to get some testing in with the Manitoba Sports Center, it should provide some good information for training going into the new year.

I also finally had time this year to make it out to Starlake, MB for a bit of a family vacation. There are really cute little cabins next to the lake, and they are close to the ski trails. They were groomed nicely the first day, but a huge dump of snow made for some slower skiing in the following days. It was fairly cold but I'm always prepared for Manitoba winters; long underwear, tights, overpants, base shirt, medium layer, a windproof jacket, neck warmer, hand warmers, mitts, wool socks, and a headband/hat are all essential for staying warm! I think one of my favourite things about coming home for Christmas is that it's cold enough to wear mukluks. It's like wearing slippers all day! I also discovered some amazing, elbow length mitts at my house to wear. Apparently I'm a bit preoccupied with dressing warm for winter.

The time spent not skiing at Star lake involved tobogganing off of cliffs, and some solid tubing at Falcon lake. I'm pretty impressed with their tube lift, I have many memories of burning legs from running up the hill to go tubing with my siblings right after completing a biathlon race.

Here are some photos from this winter:

4th annual Questival. Bryn and I- apparently we are twins, it does not help when we borrow each others clothes.

making pretty cupcakes for the Quest charity craft fair.

Ski up to Callaghan lodge, do not stand directly beneath this icicle!

Near Callaghan lodge

My family and grandparents at Christmas

That's all for now!


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  1. Nice to see you back blogging Leah. You're such a busy lady with all the activities going on around you. Good luck with your cycle races this year, heard you will be a carded athlet with Canadain Cycling Assoc., also joined the prestigous US Racing Team Colavita. Way to go. Keep the pedal to the metal and you will have many excellent results in the future. Best of luck also with your studies at Quest.