October 8, 2011

Time for a break

I am officially in the off-season for biking. My last race was the World Championships over in Copenhagen, Denmark. Worlds was a really awesome experience, I was so grateful to have a spot on the team! It was a slightly hilly and fast course, but not really selective enough to break up the race. I tried a few attacks but they wouldn’t stick. Clara definitely made the move of the day with a solo breakaway nearing the end! She gained close to a minute, but the dutch team brought her back close to the finish. An almost victory for Canada. I was 17th in the pack.  It was also very close in the women’s time trial with three riders finishing in the top seven (4th, 5th, and 7th)! Even though we didn’t win any medals, Canada definitely showed that we have a lot of future potential.

Copenhagen itself has to be the most bike friendly place in the world. There are bike lanes on every single street! Everyone was riding a bike. People riding in the rain with umbrellas, girls balanced on the handlebars, babies sitting behind tiny windshields, women in full heels and dresses, old people riding for groceries. It’s so great to see bikes being used to their full potential!

I’m back at Quest going to school again in Squamish. It’s a bit of an adjustment getting used to attending class again, but it is going well. I’ve been taking full advantage of the off-season to expand my training options. Mountain biking, yoga and running have been fun, but have left me very sore!

I’ve also been spending tons of time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. The Squamish farmers market has been a great source of inspiration.

There won’t be any race write-ups for a while, but I will try to post more off-season updates!

Mtb ride up to Elfin Lakes on a beautiful day


  1. Enjoy the off season

  2. What a tremendous racing season lies behind you Leah. Kept an eye on your cycling achievements via computer, plus saw you racing twice in person. You impressed us everytime. Your excellent finish at Worlds tells us, you're destined for many more top finishes in the future. Good luck for the 2012 season. Oma & Opa

  3. Thanks! I will definitely enjoy the break. I'm already excited for next season:)