April 11, 2011

Day 4: Energiewacht Tour- Final stage!

Last stage! Since I was the only Canadian left in the race, I went to the race with our director and mechanic, while the others headed back to base in Tielt-Winge, Belgium. The last stage today consisted of 7 laps of a 12 km loop, winding through a small town. It was a way more interesting course than yesterday because it contained tons of corners. I much prefer corners to wide-open crosswind sections of road. There were some sketchy round a bouts and medians to avoid, but men in vests and blowing whistles stand there to warn you about them. I discovered very quickly that I didn’t have the same kind of strength in my legs after 3 full days of racing! It was a bit of a struggle to move up in the group at all. Being at the back around all those corners is not the ideal place to be. We would all practically come to a stand still around every corner and then it was an all out sprint to catch back up with those at the front who could just carry their speed through the corners. There were only 100 starters compared to the 160 at the very start, which made the race a little less chaotic. The pack stayed together and Marianne Vos won the stage. Adrie Visser (HTC Columbia) won the overall general classification. 
I finished up in 20th overall in GC after the 4 days of racing ( 4th U23). I’m really excited with this result, especially it being my first stage race in Europe!
Next race is on Thursday, Drenste 8 in the cool town of Dwingeloo! Then Friday is the Drenthe World cup.  


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  1. The way you describe this race course, sounds like an expanded crit layout. I know you like riding corners,as you did so masterfully in last years Tour de Delta. Energiewacht Tour placing 4th in U23 plus 20th in GC, is a fantastic result Leah. Have a good rest now and Good Luck for Drenste 8. Oma & Opa